Videomaking & Art

A 2 week ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course about Art Psychology and Videomaking

This course introduces participants into different ways of understanding and teaching creativity and arts, taking the best of the positive impact of Audio-visual production and art-related activities on their wellbeing.

During the first week the course will take a multidisciplinary approach to art and creativity. The course will analyse the creative process from a broader perspective, considering how creativity works at different ages and in different contexts. Participants will be involved in an active learning process, also focusing on personal experience and self-expression, combining cognitive and emotional elements to make the learning process easier and ensure long-lasting retention of the new knowledge.

During the second week, participants will focus on how audio-visual tools can support students and teachers’ involvement: participants will actively learn how to create and adapt audio-visual resources (photos, movies, music clips, documentaries, new videos...) to teach their subjects in a more effective way. All this helps students to absorb and retain ideas, and in the development of communicative, critical, social and creative skills.

Guided city tours and 1 full day cultural excursion (usually on Saturday) will also be part of the programme.

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Course Learning Outcomes

- Being able to write a plot and a script for a video project in accordance with teaching objectives;
- Knowing how to manage students’ team work to create a script and a video;
- Being familiar with basic techniques for video-shooting;
- Acquiring skills to editing photos and videos;
- Knowing how to dub and to add subtitles in a creative manner using web tools;
- Make use of art and psychology of art theory and practice in a productive way; 
- Understand and consider different ways of interpreting and teaching creatively;
- Actively maintain students’ attention and motivation throughout a creative class and learning process;
- Improve creative attitude and stimulate lateral thinking through group and individual exercises.

target audience

- Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs); - Teacher trainers; Careers officers, - Headteachers; principals; managers of schools.

course details - Florence

  • Length of the course: 2 weeks: Mon - Fri 
  • Number of participants: max. 12
  • Dates 2019: 21 January - 1 February; 18 February - 1 March; 18 - 29 March; 15 - 26 April; 20 - 31 May; 17 - 28 June; 15 - 26 July; 19 - 30 August; 16 - 27 September; 21 October - 1 November; 18 - 29 November;
  • Cultural activities included: 2 Florence Guided Tours and 1 day Tuscan Excursion (usually on Saturday);
  • Price: € 820,00


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