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A 1 Week Erasmus+ Teacher Training course about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Design, and Math. Available in Barcelona. 

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Design and Math) is an educational framework that brings reality into the classroom by connecting different subjects together in a way that they will relate to both the real and business world and to each other. 

STEAM is the second step of STEM education, in which one incorporates the artistic and design-related skills and thinking processes to student-learning process. STEAM education provides an opportunity to formally teach in a fun environment showing the relationships between subjects and real-life, therefore increasing sense of motivation, self efficacy and problem solving skills. 

During the course teachers will explore STEAM-style exercises where they will be innovators / makers and work collaboratively in open workspaces, sharing ideas and intuitions with others, in an international stimulating environment. 
They will be offered to share ideas for cross-disciplinary dialogue, inquiry, and problem solving issues they encounter at school that may be treated through a STEAM action.

The course will propose a series of hands-on activities to develop skills related intersections between these content areas, group discussions and design thinking practices to train teachers to be able to use Steam framework once back in their schools.

Course Learning Outcomes 

- Being able to incorporate art and design-related skills into the general learning environment and curriculum.
- Trusting the importance of play, fun and engagement in learning.
- Connecting and relating different subjects through STEAM creative activities, based on real life and concrete experience.

target audience

- Teachers: primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs; - Teacher trainers; - Headteachers; Principals; Managers of schools. 

course details - Barcelona

  • Length of the course: 1 week, Mon - Sat;
  • Next Dates 2018: 19 - 24 November; 17 - 22 December. 
  • Set Dates 2019: 21 - 26 January; 18 - 23 February; 18 - 23 March; 15 - 20 April; 20 - 25 May; 17 - 22 June; 15 - 20 July; 19 - 24 August; 16 - 21 September; 21 - 26 October; 18 - 23 November; 16 - 21 December;
  • Cultural Activities Included: Barcelona Guided Tour and 1 full day cultural excursion (usually on Saturday); 
  • Price: € 480,00  


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