A 1 Week ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course within the framework of the ERASMUS+ Program in collaboration with www.tesoldrama.org/ 

In this two week course, participants learn how drama in education and techniques from the craft of acting serve as effective tools to enhance teaching and facilitate the learning of any language and subject in the classroom. 

Facilitators will practice drama in education activities pioneered by Dorothy Heathcote with a specific focus on elementary, secondary, and young adult education for any cultural population. 

Specific techniques from the craft of acting are exercised to improve a teacher’s performance skills, presentation skills, and teacher-student engagement. Participants are guided through exercises selected from: the Meisner Technique and Viola Spolin’s “Theater Games” designed to increase spontaneity, intuition, authenticity, and listening skills; both for teachers and students. 

The Actor’s Toolbox (Body, Voice, Imagination, Concentration, and Cooperation) will be utilized to practice and design activities based on the four components of language learning: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

Together, these approaches help teachers bring more enthusiasm to their lessons, think creatively on their feet, remove self-consciousness, and improve verbal and non-verbal expressiveness for more language fluency and effective classroom productivity. 

Participants are guided through collaborative group projects where everyone will learn how to write, devise, and act in scenes, monologues, and short plays. At the end of the two weeks, teachers will create lesson plans by applying the drama methodologies practiced. 

Course Learning Outcomes: 

Integrate drama into lesson plans, across the curriculum, and beyond; 
Improve listening skills in order to listen more deeply and acutely to students, just as the best actors do with each other in their scenes;
Create a safe “ensemble” environment that will fine-tune group dynamics and energize collaborative group projects;
Help teachers and students find their own voices just as actors must do to express their parts in their own unique way;
Reduce cross-cultural tensions, language barriers and increase student-teacher communication; 
Gain an enormous sense of being present with students, as well as confidence and enthusiasm for making lessons that enrich both teachers’ and student’s lives on a daily basis. 


target audience

- Teachers: primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs; Teacher trainers; Careers officers, educational guides and counsellors; Headteachers; Principals; Managers of schools

course details

  • Length of the course: 2 weeks Mon - Fri;
  • Course Schedule: 9:00 -  14:00 (first turn) or 14:00 - 19:00 (second turn)
  • Number of participants: max. 12;
  • Cultural activities included: City Guided Tour and 1 day Excursion;
  • Price: € 820,00 

Course Sessions

Florence: 24 June - 5 July; 8 – 19 July; 

Paris: 22 July - 01 August; 

Barcelona: 22 July - 01 August; 

Dublin: 5 - 16 August; 


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