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A 1 week teacher training seminar within the framework of the ERASMUS+ Program, available in Barcelona

This course has been specifically designed for language teachers who want to integrate the science of language learning into their methodology, practicing the latest research-based teaching approaches. 

Participants will learn about some of the most relevant current theories in Linguistics, Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics, applied to language teaching and language learning, gaining practical experience in the best hacks to achieve student engagement. Moreover, the course will provide participants with the necessary knowledge to properly integrate various educational tools to support each student’s learning style, applying the Multiple Intelligence Theory. 

Besides, the course will also focus on both traditional and digital tools that help to develop students language skills through arts and creativity. By the end of the training, participants will be able to confidently integrate a variety of research-based strategies into their lesson plans and maintain an effective learning environment in their language class.

Extra curricular activities included: Guided city tours and 1 day cultural excursion (usually on Saturday). 

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target audience

- Teachers: primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs; Teacher trainers; Careers officers, educational guides and counsellors; Headteachers, Principals, Managers of schools; 

course details - Barcelona

  • Length of the course: 1 week Mon -Sat;
  • Number of participants: max. 10;
  • Set Dates 2019: 28 January - 2 February; 25 February - 2 March; 25 - 30 March; 22 - 27 April; 27 May - 1 June; 24 - 29 June; 22 - 27 July; 26 - 31 August; 23 - 28 September; 28 October - 2 November; 25 - 30 November; 
  • Cultural activities included: Barcelona Guided Tours and 1 full day Excursion;
  • Price: € 480,00 

Special Editions 2019: 

Split (Croatia): 23 - 28 September; 28 October - 2 November; 25 - 30 November; 


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