Best Social Media and Web Solutions Classroom

An ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course about Social Media and Web Solutions for the Classroom

The course has been created for teachers who wish to learn more about the use of information and communication technology in their classrooms. 

Participants will get involved in small practical group tasks exemplifying how to incorporate technology into their lessons in order to be more effective and enjoyable. Emphasis will be placed on the most popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), as well as on modern platforms such as Vine, Youtube, Prezi, Google apps. Edmodo, and others. Teachers will also learn about safe use of social media, student versus teacher roles and digital classroom management.

Social media and Web solutions support networking and offers Web 2.0 tools that enable users to share their work, form groups, use free up-to-date resources and apps, cooperate and interact, which enhances students (and teachers)’ engagement and satisfaction in learning and teaching.  

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target audience

- Teachers: primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs; - Teacher trainers; Careers officers, - Headteachers; Principals; Managers of schools;

course details - Dublin

  • Length of the course: 1 week: Mon - Sat
  • Number of participants: max. 12;
  • Next Dates 2017: 30 Oct - 4th Nov; 27 November - 2nd December;  
  • Set Dates 2018: 08 - 13 January; 05 - 10 February; 05 - 10 March; 02 - 07 April; 07 - 12 May; 04 - 09 June; 02 - 07 July; 06 - 11 August; 03 - 08 September; 01 - 06 October; 05 -10 November; 03 - 08 December.  
  • Extra curricular activities included: Dublin Guided Tour and 1 day Excursion in Ireland (usually on Saturday);
  • Course Price: € 480,00 


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