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Being part of a united Europe: Europass believes in the importance of a constant dialog and exchange among schools and educational institutes across Europe. Therefore we are constantly willing to collaborate with schools whose aim is to exchange good practices and ideas, and to learn from each other.

Every Wednesday afternoon, EUROPASS organizes ERASMUS+ Meetings in Florence. The meetings are attended every week by European teachers registered to our courses, and by teachers and staff of Italian partner primary and secondary schools.
The ERASMUS+ meetings have produced several EUROPEAN LLP and ERASMUS+ Partnerships among schools in the last 10 years.


Currently we are looking for partners for the following projects:



- Communication at school a Key factor in Education.
Current partners: Poland, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Italy; (Looking for a coordinator) 

- Fostering reading and writing on students.
Current partners Turkey and Italy. Open for new partners. 

- Using ICT in education.
Current Partners: Macedonia, Poland, Italy. Open for new partners. 

- Outdoor Education Activities.
Current Partners: Finland, Germany. Open for new partners. 



- Introducing Pupils to their Cultural Heritage. 
Current partners Cyprus, France and Italy. Open for new partners. 

- Meditation and Yoga in schools.
Current partners Italy and Ireland

- Coding and Computational Thinking.
Current partners Italy and Ireland

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