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Europass Teacher Training Courses
who we are

A team of Erasmus+ experts and a team of trainers, whose expertise covers a variety of fields, compose Europass Teacher Acedemy Staff.

We promote an international approach in educators’ lifelong learning and provide educational activities for teachers from all over the world.

We work in close collaboration with universities, schools, and training centres to help them develop projects and designing innovative solutions.


Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, we organize customized courses for schools specifically designed to suit their staff’s professional needs. For us, the connection with nowadays school realities and the awareness of teachers’ real needs is essential to provide an up-to-date, worthwhile service.

How We Work

We collect enrollments and confirm each course session only once we have several registered participants. In this way, once we send you the course Booking Confirmation you can be sure the course will regularly be held. Once you enroll with us you can be sure you will not receive a cancellation few week before the course. 

We offer a large variety of courses, and we can design tailor-made courses that meet educators’ needs, according to Erasmus+ school projects, in different locations upon request.

Two guided city tours and one full-day excursion are offered to participants, free of cost.

Our Academy can also organize visits in nearby public schools, in order to provide participants with a whole experience that promotes cultural and educational diversity.

Erasmus+ expertise

Our Academy has been and is a partner in different Erasmus+ Projects. We can assist you in applying for Erasmus+ funding for teacher development courses in various EU countries.

European Dimension and Promotion of teacher collaboration

“Aperitivo”, afternoon tea and talks with teachers attending different courses are also offered to participants, so that they can share expertise and ideas on significant educational topics. Meetings about ERASMUS+ opportunities for schools, teachers and learners have produced several European LLP and ERASMUS+ Partnerships among schools in the last 10 years.

About us

The atmosphere you can breathe during our teacher training courses at our locations in Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Greece

Qualified in the field and constantly updated on new didactic methods